Megan Thee Stallion checks white radio host who asked if she was wearing a ‘wig or weave?’

(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for BET)

Megan Thee Stallion is not someone who will let you talk to her crazy without being checked, and recently, radio personality Tim Westwood learned that lesson the hard way.

Earlier this month, the Houston native took a trip across the pond to appear on the Capital XTRA radio show in London to discuss her music and current rise to stardom. But for some reason, Westwood’s intentions for the discussion seemed to veer off into more personal terrain.

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“Wig or weave?” Westwood abruptly blurts out at one point.

To which Megan replies, “Um…not your business.”

“Oh, for real? Are you serious?” he presses.

“Do not ask ladies what they got going on,” she explains.

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The radio host then attempts to justify his inquiry by explaining that he enjoys taking care of his women.

“Nails, shoes, bags, sometimes rent,” Westwood lists. “Not yet, but one day it will be titties and ass, I’ll have to pay for that.”

But the rapper is unmoved by the ploy to soften her sensibilities and stands firm in her stance to move on from the question.

“You just worry about the funds,” she informs him. “You just worry about the funding part. You don’t got to worry about how it got done.”

Finally realizing that his efforts have been in vain, Westwood finally backs down and says, “Sorry I asked.”

As is to be expected in incidents when men, particularly white men, make it their business to insert themselves in the topic of women’s appearance, social media didn’t take kindly to this exchange and congratulated the entertainer for standing her ground.

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