Day 11: Surprise!
Being online reading publicly has allowed le to exchange ideas on reading but it’s also give me the chance to meet some pretty awesome people. For me that’s the richest part of creating content on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. As a result, the last biggest surprise I had was this stack of books from my friend LaTrice. I couldn’t believe it when this big stack of books arrived at my home last year. Giving off the Read Soul Lit vibe I was so thrilled to get them. Thanks again LaTrice! I’ve read The Mother by Yvette Edwards which was so good and will hopefully get to the others during this year. So many books so little time…. I’m trying to get to them as quick as I can….
I bought The Mother immediately after we all read A Cupboard Full of Coats, I haven’t read it yet, but I’m looking forward to it. I live her writing style and depth of perception of characters.
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