Disabled comic writer shares video of airport worker calling police on her driver

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A Cincinnati airport worker called the cops on a Black comic writer who needs mobility aids when her driver briefly stopped in a no-parking zone to pick her up.

Tee Franklin is a self-described “queer, disabled, Black woman comic writer,” and posted the encounter on Twitter showing a worker approaching her limo driver who arrived to pick her up. Franklin became disabled after a car accident in 2014. Since then she has been in the need of mobility aid.

Franklin states the worker called the police on her driver after noticing where the car was parked.

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According to the Daily Mail, Franklin was in town to attend the Cincinnati Comic Expo.

“Imagine the limo driver assigned to pick you up gets the cops called on him bc he parked BRIEFLY in a spot not a parking spot so it can be accessible for you. I just…,” Franklin shared on Twitter.

In the video the airport worker is seen interacting with the driver, attempting to tell him he needs to move his car due to it being placed in a restricted area.

“You’re really making a mountain out of a molehill,” Franklin can be heard saying to the worker. “You’re being extra for no reason. None. At all. All he was doing was just backing up to put the thing in there and that was it,” she says to the worker.

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An attempt to receive a comment from the airport was not returned.

Franklin was able to leave the airport without an encounter with officers.

Previously, the lack of accessibility to assist with Franklin’s disability has hindered her experience at conventions. In 2018, she was present at BookCon in New York City as a panelist but had to leave after the convention failed to provide a ramp for her mobility scooter.

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