This top 12 list curated by theGrio will have you breaking a sweat on the dance floor at any party, kickback or function.
June is Black History Month, and theGrio came up with several top 12 lists for all your summer needs. Usually, during the summer, we try to avoid breaking a sweat, but here are a dozen dance songs that can’t help but make you move your hips.
There’s something about this song that will stick with you. It’s been 19 years since this single dropped, but it’s hard not to imagine Omarion dancing down the street attempting to get his leading lady’s attention. Produced by the Neptunes and written by Pharrell, “Touch” served as the second single off Omarion’s debut album, “O.”
Two things that come to mind when this song plays: “You Got Served” and it’s time to dance battle. Timbaland is known for making the most iconic beats in history, but this single is off of Timbaland and Magoo’s joint album, “Indecent Proposal,” which was released in 2001. Who would’ve thought that this song would provide countless dance battles 23 years later?
People have been saying “Shake it like a Polaroid picture” since 2003 because of this iconic song. “Hey Ya!” and “The Way You Move” were the two lead singles from Outkast’s fifth album, “Speakerboxx/The Love Below.” In 2021, this song was ranked number 10 in Rolling Stone’s list of “500 Greatest Songs of All Time.” Do you consider this Outkast’s most famous song?
New on the scene, but a big splash maker with her single “Water,” thanks to TikTok, is Tyla. The 22-year-old’s single “Jump” is the perfect fusion of Afrobeats, dancehall, and hip-hop. Tyla starts off the song strong, but the chorus will have you attempting to wind your hips like the South African singer effortlessly does.
“Cupid Shuffle” might be the ultimate dance song. No matter how old you are, as soon as this song begins, you’re probably making your way to the dance floor. Bryson Bernard, professionally known as Cupid, broke the Guinness World record in 2008 for the largest line dance assembled in Atlanta, Georgia. Out of all the line dance songs there are, is this your favorite?
Victoria Monét has been writing for some of your favorite artists (Ariana Grande, Coco Jones, Brandy, and more) for years, but “On My Mama” gave her the commercial breakthrough she deserved. The 2023 single became popular due to its nostalgic music video paying homage to the culture of the early 2000s. With the success of “On My Mama” and Monét’s sold-out Jaguar Tour, it’s only up from here for the talented artist.

You can’t lose when Missy Elliott and Ciara are on a track together, and “Lose Control” might be their best work yet. If this song is playing, you’re bound to do the choreography from the well-known music video. Between Elliott’s rapping, Ciara on the hook, and Fatman Scoop hyping you up, it’s hard not to move when this song comes on.
When Kendrick Lamar was writing this diss track, it’s hard to say if he intended for it to become a bop, but people can’t help but dance when this song comes on. Some say this was the track that secured a win for Kendrick during his 2024 beef with rapper Drake. No matter whose side you’re on, it might be hard to stand still when Kendrick yells “OV-HO.”
Beyoncé is no stranger to making memorable choreography for a handful of her jams, but “Get Me Bodied” is something everyone can get into. During the break of the song, the ‘Renaissance’ singer yells out dance moves you can follow along and make your own.  Fun fact: One of the women in the music video is a leading lady in another one of the songs featured above. Can you guess which song it is? 
If you’re not familiar with Canadian artist Kaytranada, his remix to “Be Your Girl” is a good place to start. The 2013 track breathes new life into Teedra Mose’s 2004 single with the same name. A lot of Kaytranada’s songs make you get lost in a trance of beats, but “Be Your Girl” will have you dancing from start to finish.
As soon as “Back That Thang Up” begins, people run to the dance floor. The 1999 single by Juvenile has to be one of the most historic beats to come out of the ’90s. No matter if you have a partner or you’re dancing solo, this song will guarantee you “back that thang up.”
“Candy” feels like the ultimate family reunion in song form. The 1986 track is the second single from Cameo’s album “Word Up!” In the last couple of decades, “Candy” has become a popular line-dancing song, often initiating the Electric Slide. This iconic song has been sampled by Will Smith, 2pac, Mariah Carey and more and has been featured in films like “The Best Man” and “Death at a Funeral.”
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