February 20, 2024
A group of victims who were doxxed by Nicki Minaj fans are speaking out against the invasion of privacy they were subjected to after publicly criticizing the rapper.
A group of victims who were doxxed by Nicki Minaj fans are speaking out against the invasion of privacy they were subjected to after publicly criticizing the rapper.
Several individuals who made posts opposing Minaj’s Megan Thee Stallion-aimed diss track “Big Foot” spoke with Time about the attacks they suffered from the rapper’s devoted fan club. Between fake pizza orders, numerous phone calls from unknown numbers, and harassing family members, many are fed up with the Barbz’ doxxing attempts and are considering legal action.
Doxxing, derived from “dropping documents,” is a form of cyberbullying in which private or confidential information, statements, or records are used to harass, expose, cause financial harm, or exploit targeted individuals.
Erick Louis was one TikToker who faced doxxing attacks after taking his distaste for Minaj’s “Big Foot” to social media. After sharing his comedic response to the scathing diss, Louis started receiving a swarm of text messages and FaceTime calls from anonymous people.
“My heart dropped to my stomach,” Louis shared. “I was thinking of the various ways it could have escalated and how this not only endangered my life had I been there but also the lives of my mother and my two younger brothers who were in the house. These are people I’m responsible for.”
Louis was able to identify his attacker and released a video threatening to file a report with the cybercrime division of the FBI. He later revealed on X Spaces that the woman deleted her account.
You have 24 hours.
TikTok user Ebony Jasmine Harris also fell victim to doxxing after uploading a diss track aimed at Minaj from the perspective of Megan Thee Stallion. After sharing the satirical video, Harris and her family were subjected to harassing phone calls from Minaj fans, including one who posted a video of themself standing outside Harris’ family’s gated community.
“They started ordering pizzas and salads and sh*t to my parent’s house; they were contacting my parents’ jobs and harassing my parents because my phone number is not listed,” Harris said.
She also called out Minaj for her seemingly calm response to her fans bullying her critics.
“I just feel that if [Minaj] chooses to use her power negatively and she has the ability to stop them from doing this and she refuses to speak out against it, it says more about her as an individual,” Harris said.
In November, Minaj posted a letter asking her fans to “never threaten on my behalf.” However, that request disappeared when she launched an attack in response to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hiss” in January.
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The “Anaconda” rapper faces growing criticism from doxxing victims who think she should do more to control her fans. As for possible legal action victims can take, the legislation against doxxing practices remains ongoing.
“The legislative landscape is nuanced and uncertain, especially with ongoing discussions in Congress about crafting anti-doxxing legislation that must delicately balance free speech rights against privacy protections,” said entertainment lawyer Lauren Kilgore. “This becomes particularly relevant when the information shared is already publicly accessible, albeit repurposed to cause harm.”
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