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Queen Latifah reflected on her career at the inaugural “Byron Allen Presents theGrio Awards” last November.
Usher made time to show Queen Latifah some love on Saturday during his My Way: The Vegas Residency performance at the Park MGM’s Dolby Live theater. 
The “Girls Trip” actress celebrated her 53rd birthday at the March 18 concert, PEOPLE reports. Dionne Grant with BuzzFeed UK shared a clip on Twitter of the moment Usher walked over to Latifah’s seat and the two embraced. The Grammy-winning R&B crooner also gave her a bouquet of red flowers and a gift box.
“Usher giving Queen Latifah her flowers,” Grant captioned the clip. In it, Latifah’s Grammy-winning 1993 single “U.N.I.T.Y.” plays over the venue’s speakers. The crowd is also heard wishing her a happy birthday.
One user commented on the post, “Yesssss!!!!! Beautiful!! He Literally gave her flowers, too! With a gift! Love this! Love her!”
Another wrote, “I would’ve risked being tossed left & right by security just to run down & touch this man.”
Queen Latifah reflected on her career at the inaugural “Byron Allen Presents theGrio Awards” last November where she received the Television Icon Award, theGrio reported. 
“It’s great to be in this inaugural class of this award,” Latifah said at the event celebrating cultural influencers and icons who have impacted the Black community. “This is crazy. It’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s a great assembly of people who have done so much. And I’m honored to even be in this group of people.”
During her acceptance speech, “The Equalizer” star recalled being a tomboy as a child and “running around with my T-shirt off like the boys.”
“I didn’t know I was a girl, initially, I had to be told that,” Latifah said, adding “I was free.”
“And so my whole life would feel like I’ve been trying to maintain my freedom to be me,” she added. 
“I pray that God continues to give me the strength to fight the same devilishness that I’ve seen since I was a child,” Queen Latifah said.
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