Fox News’ “fearmongering” coverage of the migrant caravan traveling through Mexico invoked the wrath of Trevor Noah on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show.”

Noah attacked the conservative network’s hosts and guests for repeatedly referring to the thousands of people from Central America who are currently more than 1,000 miles from the U.S. border as “an invasion.”

“Really, an invasion? Get the fuck out of here, man,” Noah told a live audience in Miami, where he’s recording this week’s show. “What kind of invaders apply to come in and give the enemy three months’ warning?”

He then revealed why he continues “to bother with Fox News.”

“I assume that some of them are good people,” he cracked. “Because even though this network might seem like one giant caravan of dangerous extremists, I believe there are people in there who mean well.”

He then aired footage of Fox News anchor Shep Smith explaining how the rhetoric about the caravan was “all about” the upcoming midterm elections. 


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