Installation view of Angelica Kauffman, R.A’s Colouring, 1778-80
© Tate photography (Lucy Green)
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We take a tour of Tate Britain’s new exhibition, Now You See Us, featuring more than 100 women artists who worked between the 16th and 20th centuries, with Tabitha Barber, its curator.
Elizabeth Butler, The Roll Call, 1874
Royal Collection Trust / © His Majesty King Charles III 2024
The Dia Art Foundation has reached its half century and its director, Jessica Morgan, tells us how it has changed in that time, and especially how it has radically expanded the range of artists it shows and collects. We also discuss the new commission at Dia Beacon by Steve McQueen.
Installation view of Steve McQueen, Bass, 2024 at Dia Beacon, New York
© Steve McQueen. Photo: Bill Jacobson Studio, New York. Courtesy Dia Art Foundation
And this episode’s Work of the Week is one of the few record-breaking paintings in a relatively middling auction week in New York: Martin Wong’s Portrait of Mikey Piñero at Ridge Street and Stanton (1985), which sold for more than $1.6m (with fees) on Tuesday evening at Christie’s.
Martin Wong’s Portrait of Mikey Piñero at Ridge Street and Stanton (1985)
Barry Blinderman, who sold the work in 1985 from his Semaphore gallery in New York, tells us more about the painting and the extraordinary circumstances of its making.