Welcome to The Amanda Seales Show on this National Chai and World Gratitude Day, September 21st, 2023.
Tyler Perry’s message to Black women about dating men who make more money sparks a conversation about gender roles in relationships. The show delves into the age gap in music, pop culture, and even television and film, exploring how different generations perceive these aspects. Additionally, the episode tackles the sensitive subject of divorce and whether it equates to failure. With examples of divorces in Hollywood, the podcast examines the lessons learned in relationships and the importance of taking accountability. Amanda Seales also shares insights into organizing and activism in her “I Be Knownin’” segment.
Throughout the episode, Amanda and her co-host Jeremiah engage with listeners and provide a platform for open and honest discussions about these various topics.
It’s time to Listen, Laugh and Learn with the Amanda Seales Show!
(02:52) – Tyler Perry has a message for Black women.
(07:47) – Gender Roles in Relationships.
(13:25) – 60 Second Headline
(15:35) – Jeremiah’s Most Likely Too… Be the Black Clark Kent – Jonathan Majors
(18:06) – Happy Birthday Jason Derulo! Group Chat Thursday continues.
(20:47) – The Generational Gap in Music & Pop Culture.
(23:50) – Is Rap Music Kid Friendly.
(27:06) – The Generational Gap in TV & Film. #BrownSugar
(31:35) – We’ll go the phone lines. #
(33:07) – Group Chat continues… Divorce
(35:28) – There’s been lots of divorces in Hollywood… Does Divorce Mean You’ve Failed.
(40:01) – Lessons Learned in Relationships… Do you take accountability?
(44:51) – Public Relationships
(50:26) – The Word of the Day!
(53:26) – Amanda’s I Be Knownin… Organizing & Activism. #Woke
(58:08) – We’ll take your calls. #Police
(01:02:48) – Thanks for listening!
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