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The three women are introduced to 21 potential suitors in the 10-episode series currently streaming on Peacock.
Get ready for your next reality dating show obsession! “Queens Court,” Peacock’s new reality series, stars Tamar Braxton, Nivea and Evelyn Lozada as they look for love. TheGrio caught up with the reality stars upon the show’s premiere, diving deep into their decision to look for love in front of the cameras and what sets their series apart from others in the genre.
Lozada, known for her long tenure on “Basketball Wives,” told us that she “couldn’t imagine” doing this show without her co-stars, highlighting the unique perspective the show had to offer with three leads looking for love together.
“They made this process easy,” she said. “It was a great experience, I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else … it really became a sisterhood for us. We had no catfights and we really shared everything with each other.”
“Dating is a lot of work,” Grammy-nominated singer and TV personality Braxton exclaimed. “I couldn’t imagine dating 21 men by myself and the truth is everybody is attracted to different kinds of men! The fun part about it was talking about our dates after the dates and talking about what we liked and didn’t like,” adding, “Ragging on the dudes is definitely in the show and very necessary because it’s very relatable. That’s what we all do.”
The show also offers a unique perspective through the leads, as all three of the women are established in their careers and lives. “We all were willing to put ourselves out there to find real love and real connection,” Grammy nominee Nivea said.
And they are focused, Lozada noted. “I think at this point in our lives we know exactly what we want and what we don’t want,” she said. “We are established, we’re mothers, entrepreneurs … and I think more importantly we know what to look out for.”
While Braxton is no stranger to reality TV, she told us that she is especially proud of this series and the message it has to offer audiences. “It’s not just about dating, which is very hard in 2023, but it’s about learning about yourself.”
She continued, “I’m thankful that we can be of service to the people who are watching who truly have given up on dating, given up on love … I can’t wait for people to watch it for that aspect and also because it’s really relatable and funny and genuine.”
The entire season of “Queens Court” is currently streaming on Peacock.
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