President Donald Trump just got roasted again in a musical parody ― but it wasn’t by his usual nemesis, YouTube satirist Randy Rainbow.

The Late Show” did the honors on Monday, spoofing “Oklahoma!” to mock the incumbent’s underattended campaign stop in Tulsa that reportedly left him “furious.” Trump boasted of high registration tallies ahead of the event, though in the end only about 6,200 people attended. TikTok users and fans of K-Pop music claimed they inflated registration numbers by signing up with no intentions to attend the rally.

Stephen Colbert’s talk show added new lyrics over footage of Gordon MacRae singing in the 1955 film version: “Oklahoma! Where the crowd turnout was really lame / And the empty seats were there to greet a man who’s probably insane! / Oklahoma, the speech went horribly awry / thanks to TikTok fans and K-Pop stans / the upper deck is bluer than the sky.”

There’s more below. Enjoy the show.


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