Source: SDI Productions / Getty
A Philadelphia Assistant Principal has gone viral on social media for giving his students the best hugs.
Arnold Ford, Assistant Principal at Mastery Charter Mann Elementary, has become an Instagram sensation, best known for the hugs he gives to his students.
Originally looking on the surveillance camera for a video of him falling down the stairs, he came across some clips of him giving big bear hugs to his student to pep them up and get them going for the day! Not only does it help the kids, but it helps him as well!
“In a way we got to give ourselves permission to be open to that kind of connection, that kind of love. Our kids deserve it and not only that we deserve it,” Ford said. “Sometimes it’s not about them really. It’s me who needs the hug.”
The kids are receptive to the greetings themselves. “He gives a bear hug and it’s the best. It’s like the best hug you could ask for,” Trinity Hall, a 6th grade student, said.
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