February 11, 2024
This is Martin Lawrence’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial.
Martin Lawrence is bringing his comedic chops to the Super Bowl–in a commercial with NFL player turned popular podcaster Shannon Sharpe that is. The duo will be featured in an advertisement for Oikos yogurt, which is set to be played during the big game.
In Lawrence’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial, titled “Hold My Oikos,” he and Sharpe are debating what to do about their golf cart that was driven into the lake. The ad was released on Oikos’ YouTube account ahead of football’s biggest night.
In the 30-second snippet, Lawrence displays his unlikely strength against the very muscular Sharpe, as he lifts the golf cart out the lake, all with the help of the brand’s “protein-packed” yogurt. Of their debut together on screen, Lawrence spoke on Sharpe’s more reserved demeanor off-screen, as well as his professionalism, different from his vibrant persona as a media personality that fans have grown to know him for.
“Shannon’s very quiet, and if you talk to him between takes, he’ll communicate with you and everything, but when it’s time to shoot, he’s very focused, and he goes into his work,” said Lawrence, Essence reports. “That’s the good thing about Shannon because I’m a lot like that as well. I don’t talk too much before I start my acting or whatever I’m doing. But he’s a lot of fun and has a lot of knowledge.”
However, the feature with Oikos is just the tip of what the entertainers have in store for their fans this year. As Sharpe continues to make waves with his new interview podcast, Club Shay Shay, Lawrence has his own projects on the brink of coming out.
“Well, you can expect Bad Boys 4 on June 14th,” he says with a smile. “And this one has a chance to be the best one of them all. Then, I’m going to be heading out for a tour at some point.”
While no further details have been made regarding Lawrence’s new tour, viewers can expect to see him joke around with Sharpe in the new commercial during the Feb. 11 game.
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