April 2, 2024
Jeff Teague is calling out NBA referee Tony Brothers for “trying to be cool” by referring to his female family members as “ho*s.”
NBA alum Jeff Teague is calling out NBA referee Tony Brothers for the time he was “trying to be cool” and referred to Teague’s female family members as “ho*s.”
Teague appeared on a recent episode of the “Club 250” podcast where he recalled his time playing on the Atlanta Hawks and almost coming to blows with veteran National Basketball Association referee Tony Brothers. The Indiana native hasn’t played in the NBA since 2021 but can vivdly remember his heated exchange with the high-profile ref.
“So [Tony Brothers] was trying to be cool,” Teague recalled. “We playing at the Pacers, I’m on the Hawks. My momma and my aunt was sitting courtside, you know they’re cheering every time I came in the game.”
Noting how “young” he was at the time, Teague says Brothers looked at his mom and sister and assumed they were groupies cheering him on.
“I was young, I’m probably in my first or second year. He pulled me to the side, he was like, ‘Man, who them ho’s?,” Teague shared.
why Jeff Teague destroy Tony Brothers like that? 😭

“I lost it. I went crazy and he was like apologizing and I was like ‘N***a that’s my momma…I’ma start going crazy and he like kept apologizing,” he contnued.
“But if you know him he be trying to be like cool so he be like ‘Ah y’all muthaf*ckers ain’t doing nothing tonight,’ trying to be that person and then he’ll turn into a h*e in the middle of a game.”
Teague went on to call Brothers a “weirdo,” and threatened how he would “slap the sh*t” out of him if the incident happened more recently. The Wake Forest University alum played for five teams in the NBA between 2009 and 2021, including seven seasons with the Atlanta Hawks.
Brothers has been a referee in the NBA since the 1994–95 season. Currently in his 29th year, the longtime ref has officiated in over 1,700 regular season games, 186 playoff games, and 16 NBA Finals games.
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