Rustic Mountain Living Owner Blasts Black Americans
Black Americans are gathered in solidarity today on Twitter in taking out their anger against a Jamaican business owner who said she no longer wants to do business with the group. Known as The Barefoot Island Lady (TBIL), the owner of Rustic Mountain Living sparked outrage after saying she will no longer rent out her cottages to Black Americans for short-term stays because, in so many words, Black Americans lack couth.
Twitter user @NikkiThaGodB1 was among the first people to share videos regarding the Barefoot Island Lady’s stances against Black Americans and we did some digging on her TikTok page to discover that she’s held this position for a few days now.
In one video, TBIL opens up by sharing that she will no longer offer short-term rentals of her properties and put the blame on the.  aforementioned group. The video can be viewed below.
In the following video, TBIL doubles down on her stances and even begins the video by admitting that she doesn’t think all Black Americans are the problem. That said, she continued to blast the group by saying that they were fighting amongst each other on her properties. She also called these particular guests “disrespectful” and “unappreciative” among other choice words.
If that wasn’t enough, TBIL tripled down and said she isn’t apologizing for vocalizing her disdain for the group despite the negative press and comments that have come her way since the airing of the videos.
On Twitter, Black Americans are naturally taken aback by The Barefoot Lady and her viewpoints. One user even dug up an alleged exchange between TBIL and a white customer with the pair sharing their displeasure of Black people.
As the saying goes, all press is good press but we’re wondering how this will play out for the business going forward.
Check out the reactions below.

Photo: Instagram
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