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Madison Crowell, who has a 3.85 GPA, plans to attend North Carolina’s High Point University, where she aims to obtain a doctorate in physical therapy.
Congratulations are in order for one high school senior who is finally making her dream of attending college a reality — while achieving some remarkable feats along the way!
People magazine reported that Madison Crowell’s 3.85 GPA has landed her acceptance into 231 colleges and awards of $14.7 million in scholarships to support her higher education. The Hinesville, Georgia, native is heading to North Carolina in the fall, where she will attend High Point University — which, as of 2022, reportedly has a 79% acceptance rate and an early acceptance rate of 89.2% — on a full-tuition scholarship.
“Choosing to attend High Point for the next four years is something that I believe to be one of the best decisions of my life,” Crowell said, the institution reported. “The atmosphere that HPU had when I stepped on campus for the first time was unmatched. I felt that I was at home and could spend the next four years of my life happily getting an amazing education.”
Crowell, 18, is a standout student at Liberty County High School, where she wears many hats. She is a varsity cheerleader, serves as a student ambassador, and holds the prestigious position of vice president of the Class of 2024. Additionally, she is the lead manager of the school’s basketball team, a member of the National Honor Society, and the yearbook managing editor.

Located in Liberty County, the high school, according to census data, serves a community where approximately 14% of its 69,000 residents live below the poverty line.
She told “Good Morning America” that her parents began instilling the importance of attending college when she was a young girl. Their efforts intensified when Crowell was in middle school, and they would take road trips and college tours.
“I wanted to apply to as many schools as I did … because I’m coming from a low-income area of Georgia, and so I want to show the kids here in Liberty County that it’s possible to get accepted into not only just local schools,” Crowell said, “but that you can get accepted into schools like the University of Alabama and University of Colorado and [schools] that you think might be out of your reach but is definitely in reach.”
“Elated” for her next chapter at HPU, Crowell plans to major in exercise sciences and eventually obtain a doctorate in physical therapy. She will join the Bonner Leaders program, which “connects students with local nonprofit organizations and social innovation projects around the city of High Point,” according to the university.
Dr. Nido Qubein, HPU’s president, expressed excitement in welcoming Crowell to the institution, stating his confidence in her ability to “make amazing things happen” and adding that the university family supports and celebrates her accomplishment.
“She is going to do exceptional things right here at The Premier Life Skills University, where we call everybody to be extraordinary,” said Qubein. “The sky is not the limit for her, and when she comes to High Point University, we know she’ll be a leader.”
As for advice for high school students gearing up for the next phase, Crowell emphasized three essential tips: First, she urged students to prioritize themselves and avoid making the application process more stressful than it has to be. Second, she stressed the importance of staying organized throughout the process. Lastly, she urged students to stay organized and “always keep a positive sight on these things because it can get a little overwhelming,” GMA reported.