November 28, 2023
Cleveland’s mayor, Justin Bibb, is fed up with the violence occurring in the city.
After a violent shooting that happened after the Cleveland WinterLand tree lighting ceremony, Bibb is calling for the violence to stop, WKYC reports. In a statement, the Democratic Black mayor released a statement thanking the police department but is very angered about the incident that sent two minor victims to the hospital. “Last night, what should have been an evening of celebration ended in tragedy when two juveniles were shot amid a large fight that broke out after Cleveland’s annual tree lighting event on Public Square,” he wrote. “I am both saddened and angered by this senseless violence. Enough is enough. It is time to break the cycle of violence and find better ways to resolve conflicts.”
JUST IN: Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb sent a statement to 3News regarding last nights shooting at Public Square. @wkyc
The shooting happened in Cleveland Public Square around 8:45 p.m. EMS officials said the victims, 13 and 15, were taken to MetroHealth Medical Center shortly after. The 13-year-old victim is listed in stable condition, while the 15-year-old victim is in serious condition. Police were able to arrest the suspects, who haven’t been identified since they are juveniles. “I am grateful to the officers of CDP for their fast and effective response. CDP quickly identified and took two juvenile suspects into custody, both of whom will be presented to the County Prosecutor’s Office,” Bibb continued in his statement. “The two victims, ages 15 and 13, were taken to the hospital. One remains in serious condition; the other is stable.”
Comments on social media paint two different narratives of support for the young mayor. Under the statement, one user blames Bibb for things getting worse during his term, and another says parents are to be blamed for the violence.
So basically our mayor said business as usual and refused to admit that problems the city are dealing with have worsened since he entered office
The comments…..Yes let’s blame the mayor . Not the parents of these losers. Parents fail their own children and this is what happens .
But things are looking up for the 36-year-old mayor. Despite a few issues, according to, Bibb is a frontrunner for reelection in 2025. City Council President Blaine Griffin is considered a possible Bibb election opponent worth taking seriously.

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