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It is the Global Day of Unplugging today (March 1), where people are encouraged to spend some time stepping away from technology and shifting into activities in real life. Check out a few ways to unplug inside.
If you struggle with disconnecting from technology, today’s the perfect day to try unplugging and experiencing real life. Most people are guilty of doom scrolling social media for the latest in pop culture and funny tweets posted by friends. Others spend their time playing computer games, searching every thought on Google’s search engine and cycling through the news.

Since 2009, Global Day of Unplugging has been celebrated annually in March. Whether it is 1 hour or 24 hours, at some point during the first weekend of March, people all over the world, are encouraged to step away from their screens and intentionally shift into an offline activity, an in-person interaction, a real-life gathering or simply a meaningful conversation about their relationship with technology.
Don’t think about it too much. Just turn the notifications off so you don’t get tempted to doom scroll yet again.
Taking a digital detox challenge or setting aside time away from screens can be an easy way for people to connect with one another.
Such a fun and efficient way to spend quality with your friends and family. You have to focus when you’re cooking.
Escape from a world online to a world beyond your own between the pages of a great book.
Having hobbies is an important escape from your jobs and will definitely help you unplug to learn a new craft.
This is a no brainer. Hide your phone, hide your iPad and get offline.
Silence your thoughts for a moment with meditation. The ancient practice has been reserved for tapping out of the world around you and into yourself for many, many years.
A focused workout allows us to be present and disconnected from our devices.
Having an accountability partner will make unplugging so much easier. Spend time with loved ones without your devices.
Everyone may not be up to a day of unplugging and that’s okay. Just remember to set some clear boundaries so that you stick to your commitment to yourself and your mind.
Happy Day of Unplugging! Comment some of your favorite ways to unplug below.
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