Avengers, you should probably take notes.

Actors behind iconic DC Entertainment superheroes were asked what superpowers they’d use to fight injustice today, and some common themes emerged Saturday during the “BAWSE Females of Color Within the DC Universe” panel of the DC FanDome online event.

Tala Ashe, who plays Zari Tarazi on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” said that her show involves time travel so she’d be making a lot of changes to history, including a certain 2016 moment.

“There’s a date in 2016 in November, I’d go back there first,” Ashe said, apparently referencing Donald Trump’s win in the presidential election. 

Chantal Thuy, who plays shapeshifter Grace Choi on “Black Lightning,” also got political. “I would use shapeshifting power to swap some people out of the office,” she said.

Other answers from the panelists focused on real-life injustices concerning the police.

“The Flash” actor Candice Patton brought up how her character, Iris West-Allen, acquired super speed.

“I guess if I had super speed, I would clearly super speed a lot of people out of precarious police interactions,” Patton said. 

Along those same lines, Nafessa Williams, who plays Thunder on “Black Lightning,” said she’d use her character’s super strength to arrest the officers who killed Breonna Taylor. (Taylor was shot and killed by police officers in her own home in March after they served a no-knock warrant.)

“That’s all I’m really concerned about these days,” Williams said.

Throughout the panel, which was moderated by Grammy-winning singer Estelle and DJ D-Nice, the actors were candid about dealing with racist backlash, the importance of seeing diverse representation on screen and taking on disparaging labels like real-life superheroes.


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