Cecily Strong’s perky Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer had some advice on “Saturday Night Live” for people protesting stay-at-home safety regulations in her state during the COVID-19 crisis: “Stay home. I promise you can call me a bitch from the safety of your couch. It’s called Twitter.”

If you must get out, maintain six feet of social distancing, she warned. “So if the tip of your AK-47 can touch the tip of your buddy’s AK, back up,” she urged.

Besides, she pointed out, it’s “live free or die, not live free and die.”

“And please, wear face masks. But not a joker mask, and not a clown mask, and absolutely no masks that come with a hood,” she added.

Governors, said “Whitmer,” are “having a moment” just now, even though President Donald Trump calls her “that woman” from Michigan.

“I’m not offended,” she said. “‘That woman’ is also what Trump calls his wife.” 

Check out the video above and see what Strong does with the “map” of Michigan.


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