February 22, 2024
This lady has nerve…..
Critics feel a way about Candace Owens’ comments on Fulton County District Attorney General Fani Willis.
Posting an episode of The Candace Owens Podcast titled “Ghetto Superstar” on Twitter, the conservative media host threw shots at Willis as the pundit opened her show criticizing the attorney’s relationship with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade. Owens also broke down her special hearing testimony.
As an avid opponent of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), she said Willis is now her biggest argument against DEI.
“Maybe you didn’t believe me a couple of weeks ago when I said DEI policies are harmful because obviously what’s going to happen is to fulfill certain quotas to make sure that we look good and look like we’re all different. We were going to suspend intelligence. You were going to be willing to suspend actually hiring people that are better qualified for jobs,” the host said. 
“And I now feel certain that the biggest argument against DEI is Fani Willis.” 
STOP EVERYTHING! Fani Willis Is A Ghetto Superstar. pic.twitter.com/PZVphSdKxA
After Owens called on VH1 to hire Willis and Wade as cast members for the reality show Love & Hip-Hop, critics of Owens’ banter jumped at the opportunity to defend Willis, while others jumped at the opportunity to support Owens’ arguments. “Way to give others racist rhetoric to spew… on brand,” @larmistad tweeted. 
Way to give others racist rhetoric to spew… on brand.
Another pointed out that Owens herself is a product of DEI, stating if white people didn’t support her, she wouldn’t get far. “Girl, if it wasn’t for the white people that support you, you would literally be nobody because a lot of black people don’t care who you are, and others don’t even know who you are,” @rhondawoods761 said. 
Girl if it wasn’t for the whyte people that support you, you would literally be nobody, because a lot of black people don’t care who you are, and others don’t even know who are.
However, some Black women thought Willis could have done better. “Listen, Fani’s testimony was cringe and embarrassing,” @only_i_can wrote, according to Sports Keeda. “She was all over the place and using her emotions to deflect from her confirmed actions. She messed up big time, but y’all don’t wanna hear it.” 
Attacking Willis by using Black stereotypical rhetoric, an Instagramer using the handle @f3lipesanti pointed out the irony of Owens’ claims. “A college dropout called a law school graduate and state bar-certified lawyer ‘ghetto’ because she is herself and refuses to assimilate/code switch to yt normalcy,” they wrote. “I admire Fani for being unapologetically Black. Candace stays tap dancing for massa in her best yt women cosplay voice. 
Owens even supported accusations of Willis being a corrupt prosecutor, referring to a video of MAGA supporter and former New York State gubernatorial candidate Derrick Gibson. In the viral clip while wearing a “N***** 4 Trump” shirt, Gibson speaks about how Black men have been falsely accused of charges for “decades” and says is a “puppet for the white liberal.”
“She went to school with my sister, she full of s***, she was full of s*** then,” Gibson said. 
Niggas 4 Trump 2024🤣🤣🤣👇 pic.twitter.com/PW2BiF6U5g
It’s not out of character for Owens to downplay Black women but to uplift Black men. In early February 2024, Owens celebrated rapper Ye’s new album Vultures 1, which was pulled off streaming platforms for unauthorized sample usage. But weeks prior, she called Grammy-nominated artist Ice Spice’s song, “Think U The Sh*t (Fart),” a sign that “we’ve fallen as a society.”

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