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Elise Lindsay noted that seeing life as a midshipman and living on the yard were factors that influenced her decision to follow in the footsteps of her mother, retired Captain Timika Lindsay.
A retired Navy captain and her daughter will go down in history as the first such African American duo to graduate from the United States Naval Academy in 177 years.
Capt. Timika Lindsay, who served in the Navy for 30 years, was one of the highest-ranking African American female captains before she retired in 2021, WTOP News reported.
Elise Lindsay, her daughter, developed an interest in attending while her mother was in her last duty station at the academy, where she worked as the head diversity officer.
An Elizabeth Seton High School student in Maryland at the time, Elise noted that seeing life as a midshipman, living on the yard, and attending events all influenced her decision to follow in her mother’s footsteps.
“If you would’ve asked me if this was a possibility seven years ago,” said Timika, “I would’ve said no way in the world.”
The veteran also disclosed that in 2015, before beginning her academy tour, she took her children to Japan, where they gained exposure to fleet life and kids going through similar experiences as part of a military family.
Ensign Elise Lindsay’s graduation on Friday etched her and her mother into the annals of the Naval Academy, where they both majored in general science.
The midshipman acknowledged that she faced challenges while attending the academy but cited being referred to as “Captain Lindsay’s daughter” as one of the greatest. 
However, she said she eventually established her reputation and cultivated connections with mentors and mentees.
Soon, she will return to Japan, where she will be stationed on the USS America.
Eric Jr., Timika’s son, is expected to earn his diploma from the academy in 2025.
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