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The 50 Cent hit Power Universe’s  Show ‘Raising Kanan’ on Starz is wrapping up season three and already shooting season four.  One of its main characters, played by London Brown,  is Marvin, the complicated brother of drug dealing boss Raquel Thomas played by Patina Miller.
London chops it up with radio/TV personality Jazmyn Summers for Radio One about the show, his personal life, dating and working with Dwyane “the Rock” Johnson.

When you look at Marvin, , one minute you feel empathy,  you feel bad for him. But then you’re mad at him and you see his revengeful side. I liken him to Tupac. You don’t think just gangster rapper. You think of somebody that’s down for his people, somebody that respected women or cared about his mother. It’s the same thing when it comes to Marvin. You can’t just put Marvin in one box. There’s a lot of layers to him
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At one point, Marvin was calling the shots. His sister took over, so he’s still not quite comfortable being under the thumb of his sister.  Marvin’s trying to figure out how to navigate that and make his own moves. I think you’ll see more of that in season four.  Remember, season one, Marvin was kind of reckless. Season two, he went through anger management, trying to fight his demons. Season three, he’s trying to take what he’s gotten from anger management and apply it.  He’s trying to be a better person and be a father to his daughter.   It’s going to be interesting for the audience to see if Marvin sticks to that or if there is a change of any sort.
Some of the crew been sayin’ that too.   Marvin’s so busy trying to get through life and trying to navigate really with his daughter. Everything else is not such a priority because being a father to his daughter is everything right now.
 We don’t really know for sure because we shoot out of order. We don’t know the layout of the story like that. They’re always making changes when they edit.  I didn’t have any scenes with him so I found out he got killed off because the fans of the show sent video. But I’m shooting season four now and trying to remain as .interesting as I can be to still be around. I want to be in the building.
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We have connected a few times. He’s cool. He’s a smart dude. I think people get caught up when they see him trolling people.  But he’s not being funny on the ground.  He’s calculated.
He’s just always so cool. I’ve never really seen him relax.  He’s always photo ready and can you believe he sneezes with his eyes open. Do you know how hard it is to sneeze with your eyes open? He almost fainted one time.  Im like ‘close your eyes.’  He’s very disciplined and focused. One day we had an early call and I got up to get some water at about 3 or 4am and I see him in the gym., I said I got to start getting up and make that part of my routine. So now I hit the gym before I  get to set. You never know what kind of scene you’re gonna have. Say you have a sex scene, you wanna be ready.
I didn’t start wearing red until I was over 22.  When you grow up in the hood, you got to be mindful of those kind of things and you just learn how to survive and get through.I grew up in the Cripps neighborhood. I stayed next door to some, five houses down to another set around the corner and walking to  school there were several hoods I had to  get through.  I was funny so  I got past  by  making them laugh. They were cool with me., I wasn’t a guy trying to be something I wasn’t.  Bein’ in the game wasn’t what I was on.  I survived through my grandmother. She’s like,’God, just keep him so busy he don’t get caught up in the streets’. And I’ve been busy ever since.  I was doing the church play, the school play, all kinds of stuff.  I owe my survival to her and my mom.
I was working on material in the room (comedy club) and there would be a bunch of white guys and one of the compliments I was always getting was. ‘Man bro, like you’re always freaking cool.’  Throwing their hair back “I really like your style, bro”., I told them, for Black people style is really something that we’re very conscious about. We can’t just leave the house lookin’ any ol’ kind of way. White people sometimes look like they got dressed in the dark.
Everyone always asks if Im single. It’s 2024, what guy you know walking around with nobody? It’s not happening. Every guy got somebody. I got a woman in my life. That’s my mother and I love her to death.  When it comes to certain things, you got to have a little privacy to what you do but just to be clear, I’m not in these streets.
Attractive qualities are women who are not quiet, but they read as quiet meaning, just not that  loud energy.  Not someone where everywhere we go she gotta make a  scene. She wants to do selfies in the middle of everything.  I’ll be doing an interview and she be off to the side doing selfies .
As long as It looks like yours, its ok with me.  The issue for guys is when it gets out of control. That’s why, generally speaking, most guys are going to want natural.  I think that women started going too far. It’s to the point where it’s not even about trying to impress the man, they just trying to compete against the other women.
It depends because with what I do,  it takes a lot of focus and concentration, so let me rest if you want what you want from me.  If she can let me rest when I get up, you gonna have a good time . Or let’s say if time is limited then I don’t want to go to sleep.  If time is short, I don’t need a massage if she’s trying to get some. Because if I really don’t sleep, you giving me a massage will put me totally out.
Guys are visual.  Victoria’s Secret is cool for other women and girlfriends and sleep overs, but I want you to look like a slut.   Like I paid for you.  I want to fully appreciate the things about a woman that make her the opposite of me and whatever she can do to emphasize that is always good .
Nah stay out of there in the name of Jesus. Stay out of there.
 I’m really getting on the comedy scene in New York which is exciting.
Catch the full interview above.  There’s a few surprises in it you won’t see coming.
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