White woman blocks Black woman from leaving her home, accusing her of being a criminal


In the latest viral #livingwhileblack incident, a white woman is seen in a viral video blocking a Black woman at the entrance of her building in the belief she would “rob somebody.”

The video was posted on Instagram by Taheerah Rashad, which has now been shared across social media by activists. The location of the incident has been narrowed to Montgomery County in Maryland.

“I’m gonna post this for today but to show you all that certain white people think they’re superior than everyone else and it’s not fair,” Rashad wrote in the post. “My mom has worked hard just like 90% of the white people who live here.”

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Editor’s Note: The content below contains graphic language

The Daily Dot reports Rashad relayed to activists like Simraj Jeet Singh that she was attempting to leave her own building. She can be heard in the video stating: “Can you see her? Do y’all see her? Do y’all really see her? If I beat her a** then what?”

Also audible in the video is a child who seems to be the white woman to leave. “Nana please,” he says. Rashad is heard asking the child to have her move along with direct requests to the woman.

“No I’m not,” the woman responds. “I’m not letting you out of this building. Who are you talking to on that phone? Is it a resident of this building?”

The child would eventually open the door enough for Rashad to be able to leave.

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Reactions from the moment have spread across Twitter. Some people point out the lack of concern for personal safety due to how she remained in the way of Rashad. Another user, also Black woman, was able to identify the woman and states she lives next door to the woman and that it was her building. She described the woman as “so nice” but stated she would question her motive.

Rashad said she will be taking the matter to the leasing office.

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