“We’re not experts.”

It’s a necessary disclaimer that comes, in some form or another, at the start of so many podcasts that dip into beauty or legal or medical advice. The hosts of “Forever 35,” a show that’s more personal reflections on self-care than a WebMD-like lifestyle resource, offer such a caveat before each episode kicks into gear.

“We’re just two friends who like to talk about serums,” they remind their unseen audience.

Some of the best podcasts make us feel like that — like you’re tuning in to a conversation between cool friends who happen to be great at producing regular, compelling content. They don’t have to tackle hard news, and they don’t have to be leading authorities in their fields. But they do have to provide good company.

And hey, we’re not experts either. So consider the following list ― composed of podcast series that began or released new seasons during the 2018 calendar year ― to be a friendly resource created by casual podcast listeners across the HuffPost newsroom. From “Doctor Death” to “Personal Best” to “Halloween Unmasked,” these are the shows that kept us company this year.

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