Tom Cruise Ankle-Break Scene Goes For Laughs In ‘Mission: Impossible’ Trailer

Tom Cruise leaped from a window, breaking his ankle, while making “Mission: Impossible ― Fallout.”

Another trailer for the film dropped Tuesday (watch above), giving fans a glimpse of whether the star’s pain and derring-do was worth it.

Creepy villain Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) declares at the start of the preview: “The greater the suffering, the greater the peace.” And off we go into breathless action punctuated by … more action.

It looks like fun. The scene in which Cruise broke his ankle jumping from one building to another with rigging attached is featured ― and it’s played for laughs.

As Cruise’s Ethan Hunt stands at a shattered window hesitating to jump, Simon Pegg’s Benji Dunn asks, “What are you waiting for?”

An annoyed Hunt replies, “I’m jumping out a window!”

This time, Hunt and Co. are “in a race against time after a mission gone wrong,” according to Paramount’s YouTube description. Cruise also jumped from an airplane during the filming.

“Mission: Impossible ― Fallout” opens July 27.

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