Tiffany Haddish is pulling out receipts to prove that she once hooked up with rapper Chingy.

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While promoting her latest television show, Kids Say the Darndest Things, on The Ellen Show, Haddish told the host that she slept with rapper Chingy, best known for his chart-topping 2003 hit, “Right Thurr.”

Chingy, however, took to social media to deny the claim.

“Now @tiffanyhaddish knows damn well that’s a lie,” he wrote on Instagram in response to the claims. But he didn’t stop there. “An[d] since she lied I’m a tell the truth, she use to hook up with my brother not me but she liked me.”

Then he ended with, “Hey if we gone be honest let’s be honest. #chingy #facts #juslikethat.”

However, Haddish hit back and decided to clear the air and air out details about the one-night stand, even calling Chingy out for being bad in bed.

“Really Chingy stop I hooked up with you once like two months after we met,” Haddish recalled. “Granted the sex was not good cuz you was ‘sleepy.’ I was definitely in your bed at that hotel on San Vicente and Sunset. S**t, you pulled down my Sergio Valentes.”

Shots fired!

“Haddish never lies on her pussy,” she continued. “Boy I been talking about hooking up with you for years, why are you just now denying it? We had a lot of fun back in the day and only had sex once, don’t make me start calling out all the skeletons.”

Sounds like Haddish has taken a page from 50 Cent’s brand of petty hit back!

Rapper Chingy denies Tiffany Haddish’s claim that they had sex

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