The Best Punch Needle Frames for Your Fiber Creations

The Best Punch Needle Frames for Your Fiber Creations

Even the work of the most diligent punch needle artists can be ruined without the use of a proper frame, which is why it’s important that you take care to choose a sturdy one. Designed to grip backing fabric, these structures keep your work surface level and unwrinkled so you can punch continuously without facing the unpleasantness of a slack canvas. Most frames are reusable, while others are designed for immediate display. Find your next go-to frame in our picks below.

1. Morgan Lap Stand

This frame has an ingenious design that eases the punch needle process in multiple ways. It consists of two plastic hoops that assemble to form an elevated work surface—depending on your project size, choose either the seven-inch or ten-inch hoop; the frame can stand on either end. This frees up both hands, as you can place the frame on a table or even your lap. The hoops also keep your backing cloth nice and taut, so you can spend less time rearranging fabric and more time punching. Finally, the entire structure is collapsible for convenient storage and travel.

2. Q-Snap Frame

Illustrating simplicity at its finest, these durable plastic frames enable quick setup and fuss-free adjustment. Available in different sizes—mostly squares—they feel more natural in the hand than the curve of traditional hoops, and they also give you more working space. Each features clamps on all four sides that can grip your base material in an instant. You can make micro adjustments to your fabric tension by moving just one, and the rest will stay put. Importantly, they don’t leave marks on the fabric once removed.

3. Wool Queen Punch Needle Frame

A great option for those new to punch needling, this pair of frames comes with monk’s cloth already attached and nicely taut. You can get to punching at once without worrying about the tightness of the fabric, which is made of good-quality, 100 percent cotton. And since the edges are stapled to the back of the frame, you won’t have to worry about your canvas loosening either.

4. Dritz Plastic No-Slip Hoop

If you like to stick with the classic hoop shape, choose this solidly constructed option. The plastic material is strong, isn’t prone to warping or snapping, and is likely to last for countless projects. Out of all hoop options, this one stands out for its special interlocking design, which keeps both circles anchored—and between them, a fabric base maintained at your ideal tension. The inner hoop features a groove that catches on a ridge jutting from the outer hoop, effectively guarding against sudden slippage.

5. Auburn Hoops Solid-Wood Hoops

These sophisticated frames are beautiful enough on their own, and you can hang them directly on a wall once you’ve finished punching your design. Each features a hefty outer hoop made of oak and an inner flexible plastic hoop that nests snugly inside to keep your base fabric drum tight. A leather pull strap makes it easy to remove the inner ring without straining your fingers.  

Published at Wed, 27 Jan 2021 22:24:49 +0000