2018 Movie Trailer Mashup Brings You Up To Speed On Cinema, Speedily

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Ariana Grande Reveals Gut-Wrenching Letter She Wrote After Manchester Bombing

Ariana Grande has revealed a heartbreaking letter she wrote to fans about the 2017 bombing.

Bad Lip Reading Of Baseball May Be A Bigger Hit Than The World Series

In a clip posted Monday, off-the-wall comments synced with athletes’, managers’ and umpires’ moving mouths.

Comedy in Ghana – AM Art and Entertainment on Joy News (27-1016)

What does the future hold for the industry? source

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In Iran, homosexuality is banned and punishable by execution under its strict code of sharia,.

Mosul offensive ‘could take months to drive out IS fighters’ – BBC News

The last major Iraqi stronghold — controlled by so-called Islamic State — is under attack.

Nasa captures incredible 4k images of the Sun – BBC News – BBC News

Remarkable high-definition images of the sun taken by Nasa’s space-based telescope, the Solar Dynamics Observatory.