‘Excessive Force’ Used On Peaceful Protesters At Trump Photo-Op, National Guard Major Says

A U.S. combat veteran and National Guard officer was “deeply disturbed” as he witnessed federal.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is calling for federal probes into New York’s ejection from trusted traveler.

Guardsman Told Barr Protest Was Peaceful Before Violent Attack, Lawmaker Says

A member of the National Guard directly informed Attorney General William Barr that anti-racist protesters.

Trump says no defunding, dismantling or disbanding of police

President Donald Trump on Monday sent a clear message during a White House roundtable with.

Attorney General Bill Barr Denies Nation’s Police Are Systemically Racist

Attorney General Bill Barr said Sunday that he does not believe that there is systemic racism in.

AG Barr Defends Force Against D.C. Protesters, Says ‘They Were Not Peaceful’

Attorney General William Barr defended the use of force against peaceful anti-racism protesters outside the White.

D.C. National Guard To Investigate Helicopter’s ‘Show Of Force’ Against Protesters

WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Guard of the District of Columbia is investigating the use.

Trump Justice Department Killed Police Reform Programs That Could Have Helped Minneapolis

As protests rage across the country over the death of George Floyd at the hands.

George Floyd protest updates: Violence sparks in cities across US

The death of George Floyd, a black man seen in a video pinned down by.