Trump denies ordering protesters forcibly removed for church photo op

The president claims he went to an underground bunker to inspect it. June 3, 2020,.

White House releases results of Trump’s annual physical, says ‘president remains healthy’

The findings are based on examinations between November 2019 and April 2020. June 3, 2020,.

D.C. National Guard To Investigate Helicopter’s ‘Show Of Force’ Against Protesters

WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Guard of the District of Columbia is investigating the use.

Former White House Butler Who Served 11 Presidents Dies Of Coronavirus

A former White House employee who worked with 11 presidents ― from Dwight Eisenhower to.

Coronavirus updates: Violent crime down in many big cities, police say

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 290,000 people worldwide. More.

Coronavirus government response updates: Americans returning to work can get tested ‘very soon,’ Trump claims

President Donald Trump on Monday pushed his view that there is enough testing for states.

White House, Birx now say detailed CDC reopening guidelines ‘in the editing process’

A task force official said Thursday decisions should be up to the states. May 8,.

Government coronavirus response updates: Trump valet, part of a regular rotation serving the president, tests positive for coronavirus

A U.S. military service member who works at the White House campus and serves as.

Coronavirus government response updates: Trump, traveling to Arizona, downplays key model that shows deaths doubling as states ease restrictions

President Donald Trump on Tuesday headed to the battleground state of Arizona, which is still.

President Donald Trump to start traveling again amid coronavirus pandemic

Trump is set to travel to Arizona to tour a Honeywell plant on Tuesday. May.