European Union likely to keep ban on Americans because of coronavirus fears as it reopens its borders

Most Europeans are still barred from traveling to the U.S., too. June 24, 2020, 11:19.

Trump says US ‘probably’ will move troops from Germany to Poland, slams Berlin for owing ‘lot of money’ to NATO

Poland’s president is the first foreign leader to visit Trump in months. June 24, 2020,.

Trump demands end to flag burning as protests flare again near White House

Some protesters have tried to establish a police-free autonomous zone. June 24, 2020, 5:17 PM.

Bolton calls Trump’s alleged pursuit of personal over national interest ‘disturbing’

John Bolton, President Donald Trump‘s third and longest-serving national security adviser, on Wednesday defended himself.

Fact check: Can Trump direct the punishment of monument vandals?

The Veterans’ Memorial Preservation Act protects some monuments, but not all. June 24, 2020, 7:34.

Police Pepper-Spray Protesters Trying To Pull Down Andrew Jackson Statue In DC

WASHINGTON (AP) — Protesters tried to pull down a statue of President Andrew Jackson near.

After Trump’s dismal return rally, finger pointing, blame game intensifies

It was supposed to be the great return for President Donald Trump to the campaign.

Susan Rice Explains Exactly Why Donald Trump’s White House Is ‘Racist To Its Core’

Former national security adviser Susan Rice on Friday delivered a damning assessment of the Trump White House’s.

Trump Takes Credit For ‘Making Juneteenth Famous’ In Dumbfounding Interview

In an assertion that’s somehow as bold as it is clueless, President Donald Trump is.

Don Lemon Exposes ‘White Mansplaining’ Of Donald Trump, White House Officials

CNN’s Don Lemon on Wednesday hammered President Donald Trump and senior members of his administration.