Ethiopia's new gun control law: The key details

Ethiopia’s parliament passed a new gun control law amid rising deadly violence across the country..

RAW: Iraqi M1 Abrams tank hit by ISIS Kornet guided missile near Mosul

A Russian-made 9M133 Kornet ATGM (anti-tank guided missile) reportedly obliterates a US-made Abrams tank involved.

‘Mine is bigger’: Trump dares Kim Jong-un to compare nuclear buttons

President Donald Trump has fired off a tweet against North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un,.

Ruins & Rubble: Hazy prospects for rebuilding Homs, Syria

With no end in sight for the war in Syria, pictures of total devastation can.

Why The “NRA Of Knives” Is Fighting To Combat This Knife Law (HBO)

In New York City, about 4000 people are arrested each year for the crime of.

Mosul Residents Are Rebuilding The Demolished City On Their Own (HBO)

July marked a year since Iraq declared Mosul to be completely liberated from ISIS —.

BREAKING Erdogan accuses USA plotting against Iran Russia Turkey in Syria February 8 2018 News

BREAKING NATO ISLAMIC Turkey Erdogan accuses USA plotting against Iran Russia Turkey in Syria February.

VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – December 19, 2014

Subscribe to VICE News here: The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that.

Western-produced weapons end up in terrorists’ hands – report

According to an investigation by war correspondent Robert Fisk a large batch of weapons, discovered.

Russian Defense Ministry unveils footage of futuristic weapon tests & development

The Russian Defence ministry has unveiled video of its new-generation weapons in action. Some of.