Medvedev: Roads Are the Basic Building Block of a Nation; We Need More Transport Infrastructure!

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VIRAL! Putin Opens Up on Skripals: “Petty Spy” Was a Bastard and Scum; A Traitor to Motherland

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The Amazing Adventures of Poroshenko at the UN! Petro Gives Bizarre Performance for the Press

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Another Religious Cold War? Irrelevant Patriarch of Istanbul Wants to Trigger an Orthodox Schism

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Total Wipeout: Russian Reinforces Middle-East Presence, Smokes Out Al-Nusra in Idlib

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Russian Grand Prix With a Twist! Putin Comes to the Races in Sochi!

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DELIVERED: S-300s Already in Place; Training For Syrian Specialists Now Underway

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Iron Dome for Syria: Russia to Blanket Country With S-300 Missile Defense Against Airstrikes

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Putin Talks Energy – Figure it Out on Your Own! Don’t Drag Us Into Your Internal Pricing Schemes!

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Russian Now Hacking America’s Wheat Fields! New Harvest Threatens to Undermine US Market Hegemony

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