Police reformers push for de-escalation training, but the jury is out on its effectiveness

De-escalation training. It’s on the tip of the tongue of both police departments and reformers.

Pressure mounts on Trump to ‘set a good example’ and wear mask

As the pandemic worsens alarmingly in large parts of the country, pressure from health experts.

Country at war with COVID-19 sees rising concerns over virus: POLL

Spiking cases of COVID-19 have shifted sentiments around the pandemic in recent weeks, with the.

Trump eschews face covering, ignoring Rubio urging that everyone ‘wear a damn mask’

President Donald Trump continued this week to eschew wearing face coverings even as he traveled.

89% of Americans wear masks in public as the coronavirus pandemic persists: POLL

ABC News/Ipsos released a new poll on the coronavirus on Thursday. June 25, 2020, 10:30.

Trump says US ‘probably’ will move troops from Germany to Poland, slams Berlin for owing ‘lot of money’ to NATO

Poland’s president is the first foreign leader to visit Trump in months. June 24, 2020,.

Divisions emerge on renaming military bases, reparations amid unrest: POLL

As the country grapples with a widespread reckoning over the prevalence of racism, majorities of.

Trump threatens protesters ahead of Tulsa rally

President Donald Trump on Friday, gearing up for his first campaign rally in months in.

52% of Americans support deploying military to control violent protests: POLL

A slight majority of Americans support deploying the U.S. military to intervene where there are.

At fortified White House, Trump under verbal assault from military’s top ranks

Fortified by troops in uniform, foreboding fencing and police in riot gear, President Donald Trump.