Democrats inch closer to ultimate prize: Trump’s financial records

Since launching his bid for the presidency in June of 2015, Donald Trump has gone.

‘American Taliban’ John Walker Lindh released from prison

John Walker Lindh was released from prison Thursday after more than 17 years behind bars.

Trump expected to name Ken Cuccinelli to immigration ‘czar’ role

President Donald Trump is expected to tap immigration-hardliner and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

House Democrats to pursue contempt against McGahn after former White House counsel fails to testify

Former White House counsel Don McGahn, as expected, failed to show at a House Judiciary.

‘Did you bring your handcuffs?’ Attorney General Barr asks Speaker Pelosi

As the showdown between congressional Democrats and the Trump administration drags on, Attorney General William.

FBI Director Wray splits with Attorney General Barr on use of ‘spying’ to describe bureau’s investigations

In testimony before members of the Senate on Tuesday, FBI Director Chris Wray appeared to.

Mueller frustrated with Barr over portrayal of findings

Special counsel Robert Mueller expressed frustration to Attorney General William Barr last month about how.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein submits resignation letter

Deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein submitted his resignation letter to President Donald Trump on Monday,.

Trump White House blocks senior aide from testifying on immigration policy

The White House has declined an invitation from the Democratic chairman of the House Oversight.

Trump administration defiance of congressional subpoenas could spark legal battle

President Donald Trump on Wednesday signaled opposition to cooperating with Democrats’ mounting investigations in the.