5 key takeaways from House report on Trump impeachment

In a historic move, House Democrats have released a 300-page sweeping report outlining their case.

Federal appeals court sides with Congress in battle for Trump’s records from Deutsche Bank

A New York federal appeals court ruled Tuesday morning that Deutsche Bank must turn over.

Justice Clarence Thomas rebukes Biden-led confirmation hearings in new film

Justice Clarence Thomas is joining public criticism of Joe Biden whose handling of Thomas’ 1991.

Rick Gates takes the stand in Roger Stone trial, describes ‘brainstorming’ sessions about WikiLeaks

Former deputy Trump campaign manager Rick Gates testified during Roget Stone’s trial on Tuesday that.

Hillary Clinton says she’s under ‘enormous pressure’ to think about running in 2020

Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, said in a.

What you need to know about the Trump impeachment hearings: A quid pro quo and Trump’s defense

As public hearings start this week in the House impeachment inquiry, here’s everything you need.

Longtime New York Republican Rep. Peter King will not run for reelection

Rep. Peter King, a veteran New York Republican lawmaker known for his bipartisan efforts and.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick weighs potential late 2020 presidential bid: Sources

Deval Patrick, the politician who made history as Massachusetts’ first black governor, is eyeing a.

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg eyeing presidential bid

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is eyeing a run for president in 2020..

Suburban revolt boosts Democrats in the age of Trump: Analysis

The revenge of the suburbs continues in the age of President Donald Trump. On yet.