Top intel officials brief Pelosi, congressional leaders on reported Russian bounty on US troops

President Donald Trump has called the reported bounties a ‘hoax.” July 2, 2020, 8:09 PM.

Iran to execute man accused of being ‘CIA spy’, with sentence to be carried out ‘soon’

The announcement was made by the judiciary spokesperson Tuesday. February 4, 2020, 6:31 PM 4.

Iran says it has arrested 17 spies working for CIA, some could face death penalty

Iranian intelligence authorities said Monday they had arrested 17 spies hired by the U.S. government’s.

Trump says intel chiefs claim they were ‘totally misquoted’ in reports saying they contradicted him

President Donald Trump on Thursday, after attacking his top intelligence officials the day before for.

US military observation plane flies over Ukraine in direct response to Russia’s actions in Kerch Strait

A U.S. military observation plane flew over Ukraine Thursday in direct response to Russia‘s “unprovoked.

White House revoking security clearance of John Brennan, mulling others

The White House is revoking the security clearance of John Brennan, a former director of.

Trump wants to remove security clearances of former intel chiefs

President Donald Trump wants to remove the security clearances of several former intelligence chiefs and.