Turkey turns Hagia Sophia back into a mosque

After completing all preparations, Turkey will open Hagia Sophia for worship on July 24 at.

Turkey's Hagia Sophia and the battle to reconvert it to a mosque

Turkey’s highest court is set to decide the status of the Hagia Sophia. The government.

Why is the situation at the Greece-Turkey border escalating? | DW News

Greece said it blocked nearly 10000 migrants from entering the European Union on Sunday. Greek.

Erdogan: Turkey will hit Syrian government forces 'anywhere'

Turkey will strike Syrian government forces “anywhere” if one more Turkish soldier is hurt and.

Turkey-Greece Tensions Escalate

Disputes between Turkey and Greece in the Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean are ongoing and.

Turkey set to invade northern Syria after US gives blessing | DW News

Turkey is expected to launch its long-planned offensive against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria. The.

Breaking News: Turkey captures 100 Daesh terrorists released by YPG

Some breaking news coming in to us now from the Turkish President who says of.

Turkey-Greece Standoff in Eastern Mediterranean

The discovery of oil and gas in the eastern Mediterranean has led to major disputes..

Turkey launches self-defence military operation in Syria

Turkey says it has launched a renewed military operation in northwestern Syria. It follows the.

Turkey Releases Air Strikes Footage on Syria Regime Targets in Idlib

Images provided by the Turkish Defense Ministry via AFP, Saturday, February 29, show airstrikes on.