A violent brawl outside the Turkish embassy in Washington, D.C.

Bodyguards are accused of attacking protesters outside the embassy. source

The ‘women heroes’ who rose up in Turkey – BBC News

Following last month’s failed coup attempt in Turkey, #WomenHeroes has been trending on social media..

Zillur from Bangladesh successful in cultivating Turkey | News & Current Affairs

Zillur from Bangladesh successful in cultivating Turkey Please Subscribe: … source

US pastor held in Turkish jail for six months

Andrew Brunson’s family is fighting to free him. source

Turkey signs deal to buy Russian S-400 missile system

NATO member Turkey has signed an estimated billion dollar deal to buy Russia’s advanced S-400.

What happens between Turkey and Russia after ambassador’s assassination?

Former CBS News Moscow bureau chief Beth Knobel explains what may happen to the relationship.

News Hour: This Week In Turkey

Medyascope.tv News Hour: This Week In Turkey 2 June 2017 Patreon.com’da Medyascope.tv’ye nasıl destek olurum?.

Turkish prosecutors order arrest of over 400 people | Money Talks

Turkish authorities have taken more than 200 people into custody in a massive money-laundering crackdown..

🇹🇷 🇺🇸 Is the US-Turkey crisis beyond repair? | Inside Story

There are fears the worsening dispute between Washington and Ankara could hurt Turkey’s economy with.

Turkey accuses US of ‘stab in the back’ as currency falls | ITV News

Turkey’s president has accused the US of trying to ‘stab it in the back’, as.