Dangerous Turkey-Russia face-off in Syria

The killing of 33 Turkish forces in Syrian airstrikes, backed by Russia, has escalated the.

Is Turkey's 'pause' in offensive against Syrian Kurds holding? | DW News

Turkey has agreed to a ‘pause’ in its military operation in northern Syria. Under the.

Turkey-Syria tensions rise: Erdogan opens border with Europe | DW News

NATO has scheduled an emergency meeting today as tensions grow between Turkey and the Russian-backed.

Several Syrian soldiers killed in Turkish drone strikes, war monitor says

Turkish drone strikes in Syria’s Idlib province killed 19 regime soldiers on Sunday, a war.

California man charged with smuggling mosaic from Syria

A Southern California man has been charged with smuggling an ancient mosaic that authorities believe.

Migrant 'shot dead by Greek police' at Turkish border

Turkey has accused security forces in Greece of opening fire as migrants tried to cross.

Greek coastguards in altercation with migrant dinghy as Turkey opens border

Greek coastguards had been filmed pushing away a dinghy with poles and opening fire into.

Turkey's Syria offensive: Russia steps into void left by US | DW News

Syrian Kurds have formed a partnership with government troops and Syria’s Russian allies. They have.

Greece stops 4,000 migrants at Turkey border

Turkey vowed the Syrian regime will “pay a price” for dozens of dead Turkish soldiers.

Syrian Kurds seal deal with Damascus to fend off Turkey | DW News

Kurdish officials in northern Syria say they are working with the Assad government in Damascus.