Senate poised to pass resolution to curb Trump’s war authority on Iran

“This should not be controversial,” GOP senator says of war powers resolution. February 12, 2020,.

Colbert Gives Senate GOP A Dire Warning Over What Trump Will Do Now

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert warned that President Donald Trump will only be emboldened now.

As senators announce votes to acquit or convict Trump, all eyes on moderates

They’re making speeches to explain their thinking before Wednesdays final vote. February 4, 2020, 6:14.

Jimmy Kimmel Scorches Senate Republicans On ‘The Wrong Side Of History’

“This is what the wrong side of history looks like,” the late-night TV host captioned.

Trump impeachment trial: Senate votes no to witnesses, acquittal vote Wednesday

Senate votes 51-49 against allowing witnesses at Trump impeachment trial The Democratic defeat comes even.

Key GOP senators express new support for witnesses following Bolton book report

Republican senators faced new pressure from Democrats on Monday to allow witnesses in the Senate.

Senate impeachment trial live updates: Democrats make their case against Trump

-House managers begin 3 days of opening arguments -The president’s lawyers make no motion to.

The Senate impeachment trial so far: 3 things to know

Partisanship gripped Congress on Tuesday as Senate Republicans and Democrats clashed on the rules governing.

Trump impeachment trial: Senate rejects Democrats’ effort to subpoena witnesses, documents

-Heated arguments over Senate rules resolution that now calls for 24 hours of arguments over.

Susan Collins Will Oppose Controversial Judicial Nominee Steven Menashi

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said Wednesday that she will vote against President Donald Trump’s controversial.