Murder Trial Set To Begin For Chicago Cop In 2014 Shooting Of Black Teen

CHICAGO (AP) — In a Chicago courtroom over the coming weeks, the spotlight will focus.

Sex Worker Activists Support Democratic Socialist Julia Salazar’s Primary Win

Sex workers’ rights advocates are celebrating Julia Salazar’s win in the New York Democratic primary election,.

Beyoncé, Jay-Z Allegedly Threatened By Trayvon Martin Shooter George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman, the Florida man acquitted of murder in the controversial Trayvon Martin case, has allegedly.

The View From Inside A Freedom Rider’s Jail Cell

The mugshots faded into the backdrop of black history until Eric Etheridge went digging. It.

Listen To Full 911 Audio Of ‘BBQ Becky’ Calling Cops On Black Men Grilling

News station KTVU has published the full 911 audio recordings of an infamous incident involving.

Family Of Unarmed Black Teen Murdered By White Cop Says 15-Year Sentence Is Too Short

DALLAS (AP) — A Texas jury gave a white former police officer too lenient of.

‘White People Food’ Is Creating An Unattainable Picture Of Health

Tanisha Gordon doesn’t see what white people love so much about cottage cheese. Or salads,.

Tennessee Man Accused Of Burning Black Man Alive Was Known White Supremacist

A white man accused of burning a black man alive in Tennessee earlier this year was.

‘BlacKkKlansman’ Gives Law Enforcement More Credit Than It Deserves

This op-ed contains spoilers. I live for Spike Lee’s provocations. Growing up, Spike Lee’s anthropological.

The Department Of Education Underreports Allegations Of Racial Discrimination In Schools

The U.S. Department of Education has been receiving thousands more racial discrimination allegations in schools.