COVID-19 measures could disrupt rare polio-like disease

Health experts say the coronavirus pandemic might disrupt another disease: a rare paralyzing illness that.

What Are Doctors Actually Listening For?

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Luck? Genetics? Italian island spared from COVID outbreak

GIGLIO ISLAND, Italy — Stranded on a tiny Italian island, a cancer researcher grew increasingly.

US agency vows steps to address COVID-19 inequalities

NEW YORK — If Black, Hispanic and Native Americans are hospitalized and killed by the.

Bill Nye Breaks Down The Science Behind Skin Color, Points Out ‘We’re All One Species’

In the span of one minute, Bill Nye the Science Guy explained the science behind.

Black kids die more often after surgery, new research shows

A new U.S. study shows Black children die more often after common surgeries than whites.

Stimulus money could pose dilemmas in nursing homes

Nursing home residents are among the Americans getting $1,200 checks as part of the U.S..

What will a COVID-19 vaccine look like? Don’t expect a cure-all, scientists say

Since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, a vaccine has been widely regarded as the.

FDA revokes permission to treat COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine, drug previously touted by Trump

President Trump has taken the drug and praised its unproven effects. June 15, 2020, 6:56.

China defends its coronavirus response in new report

Senior Chinese health officials have defended their country’s response to the new coronavirus pandemic, saying.