National intelligence director departing, Rep. Ratcliffe to be nominated to replace

Dan Coats will step down on Aug. 15 as director of national intelligence, according to.

Doctored presidential seal projected behind President Trump

A doctored version of the U.S. presidential seal was projected on a large screen behind.

Read the full text of Robert Mueller’s opening statement to Congress

Former special counsel Robert Mueller made his first comments during a highly-anticipated congressional hearing about.

5 key takeaways from Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress

Moments after being sworn in for his testimony on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning, former special.

Robert Mueller’s former chief of staff to be his counsel for congressional testimony

Former special counsel Robert Mueller will bring his former chief of staff with him for.

Veterans Affairs whistleblowers call for end to culture of retaliation

A Department of Veterans Affairs health care worker said she received a letter from the.

House Democrats to pursue contempt against McGahn after former White House counsel fails to testify

Former White House counsel Don McGahn, as expected, failed to show at a House Judiciary.

Trump re-election campaign has spent more than $8 million in legal fees since he took office

Since President Donald Trump took office in 2017, his re-election campaign has spent more than.

Trump administration defiance of congressional subpoenas could spark legal battle

President Donald Trump on Wednesday signaled opposition to cooperating with Democrats’ mounting investigations in the.

Democrats say Mueller report shows why Congress needs to hold Trump accountable

Within minutes of the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s redacted report, House Judiciary Chairman.