Prince Harry leaves UK for Canada to reunite with Meghan, Archie

Prince Harry has left the U.K. and is flying to Canada to reunite with his.

Prince Harry Addresses Royal Exit: ‘There Was No Other Option’

Prince Harry addressed the reality of his royal exit and the past few weeks of turmoil.

Queen Elizabeth Says She’s ‘Particularly Proud’ Of Meghan Markle In New Statement

Queen Elizabeth singled out Meghan Markle in a new statement released Saturday regarding the Duke.

Harry, Meghan no longer ‘working members’ of royal family: Here’s what that means

The couple will be “much loved members of my family,” Queen Elizabeth said. January 18,.

Meghan Markle Makes First Public Appearance Since Announcement To ‘Step Back’ From Royals

Meghan Markle visited a women’s center in Vancouver, Canada, on Tuesday in her first public.

Meghan Markle Didn’t Call In To The Royal Family Meeting Because It ‘Wasn’t Necessary’

Meghan Markle didn’t end up calling in to the royal family talks at Sandringham Estate.

Prince Philip, 98, taken to hospital in London

The prince is being treated at King Edward VII Hospital in London. via December 20,.

Princess Anne Appears To Avoid Trump With Shrug, But Report Says Not So Fast

Sometimes mother doesn’t know best, even if she’s Queen Elizabeth. Princess Anne won fans on.

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Queen approves UK government’s request to suspend Parliament during crucial Brexit period

Queen Elizabeth has approved a request by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament, a.