Why Americans Are Praying During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Amid the tumultuous social and economic changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many Americans are.

Men’s military service may shape wives’ experience of widowhood

Among older widows, wives of military veterans are less likely to say they feel lonely.

Mental health declining among older U.S. adults, poor hardest hit

(Reuters Health) – Many older Americans have experienced more days of poor mental health in.

Kids see you when you’re drinking

(Reuters Health) – Children may learn from an early age when it’s appropriate to drink.

Commuters may get less sleep and exercise

(Reuters Health) – People with full-time jobs who endure long commutes may be more likely.

People with mental illness less likely to get cancer screening

(Reuters Health) – People with mental illness get screened for cancer at much lower rates.

Transgender children sense their gender identities at young ages

(Reuters Health) – Transgender children may start to identify with toys and clothes typical of.

Two-century trend of Army suicide decrease during war reversed in past two decades

(Reuters Health) – While army suicides have historically decreased during wartime, that trend appears to.

End of life planning tied to longer survival with terminal illness

(Reuters Health) – (Reuters Health) – Terminally-ill patients who discussed their options for end-of-life care.

Supplements touting brain benefits may contain unauthorized ingredient

(Reuters Health) – Many supplements marketed for brain health may contain piracetam, an ingredient not.