New York Times: New US memo highlights gaps in intelligence reports on Russian bounties

Citing three officials, the paper reported that the National Intelligence Council, led by Director of.

Liz Cheney, a key voice in House Republican leadership, increasingly breaks with Trump

Cheney, who is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, has broken with Trump.

At least 8 Secret Service agents stuck in Phoenix with coronavirus after Pence trip

Last month, up to 15 agents who tested positive for the virus loaded into cars.

‘Beyond irresponsible,’ Doctor slams Trump for Mt. Rushmore event

Inside Politics Dr. Celine Gounder called the Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore, which President.

Mt. Rushmore fireworks: Trump set for another massive event during national pandemic

No social distancing is planned for the event despite the record-high new coronavirus cases in.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Says Black Lives Matter ‘Is Poison’

“You know, I know plenty of people who are for Black Lives Matter. A lot.

Fact-checking a dangerous mask meme shared by Trump Jr. on Facebook

On Facebook, Trump Jr. posted an image of a lab where scientists were working in.

Ex-Trump supporter: Based on my friends, he has no chance

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny speaks to longtime Republicans in Florida who say they will not vote.

Trump administration moves ahead with plan to open new pandemic office as coronavirus crisis intensifies

The National Security Council hosted an interagency meeting Thursday to discuss the plans for the.

Despite Some Disapproval, White Evangelicals Haven’t Budged On Voting For Trump: Survey

The overwhelming majority of white evangelical voters are leaning toward casting their ballots for President.