Police reformers push for de-escalation training, but the jury is out on its effectiveness

De-escalation training. It’s on the tip of the tongue of both police departments and reformers.

Fact check: Can Trump direct the punishment of monument vandals?

The Veterans’ Memorial Preservation Act protects some monuments, but not all. June 24, 2020, 7:34.

Former NYC detective recommends ‘throwing out the book’ on police training

A retired top New York City detective is recommending “throwing out the book” on training.

George Floyd’s brother to testify in House police brutality hearing

Philonise Floyd will appear before the House Judiciary Committee June 10, 2020, 8:10 AM 5.

Joe Biden rejects calls to defund police, faces challenge as reform push grows

While former Vice President Joe Biden has firmly rejected the calls to “defund the police,”.

Inmate dies of heart attack after being pepper sprayed in his cell

MDC has been in the crosshairs of investigators for a long time. June 4, 2020,.

Former President Barack Obama to young people of color: ‘Your lives matter. Your dreams matter.’

Former President Barack Obama weighed in on how systemic racism has been thrown into “high.

Trump denies ordering protesters forcibly removed for church photo op

The president claims he went to an underground bunker to inspect it. June 3, 2020,.

What the National Guard can and can’t do in Minneapolis

Images of armed Minnesota National Guardsmen on the streets of Minneapolis and President Donald Trump‘s.

Substance abuse, kids with cabin fever: Police officer on new challenges amid COVID-19

Torrey Rowe became hooked on police work and forensics through watching the TV show “CSI”.