Why Trump keeps calling women ‘nasty’ (opinion)

In June, the President called Nancy Pelosi a “nasty, vindictive, horrible person” after a Fox.

Trump, the divider, unites Denmark against sale of Greenland (opinion)

By suggesting that a constituent part of the country he is visiting in a couple.

Greenland has long been a bargaining chip between the US and Denmark (opinion)

If reports are to be believed, the President has asked his White House counsel to.

Pakistani actress: The problem with Priyanka Chopra (Opinion)

At the event in LA, the woman chided Chopra for her unquestioning support of the.

Designer babies are on the way. We’re not ready (Opinion)

In November, Dr. He Jiankui announced that twin girls had been born in China from.

Don’t try to winnow the Democratic field too quickly (Opinion)

And yet the opposite problem — that a bloated field could drive talented candidates out.

Trump has used Israel for political points — and there may be consequences (opinion)

Trump has been the beneficiary of some previously unthinkable campaign support and he recently showed.

In Trump’s world, it’s easier to regulate the bodies of disabled people than to limit deadly weapons (opinion)

Standing before his helicopter, Trump told the press, “We’re looking at the whole gun situation..

‘Blinded by the Light’ explains the America we are losing (opinion)

I watched it unfold and began to sob. Not at the racism, as awful as.

Three wild ideas for America (opinion)

These are just a few of the ideas that were floating around last week in.