These are true patriots. Trump sees them as enemies (opinion)

In this moment of national reckoning, and as we celebrate Independence Day this weekend, I.

Panicking Trump tries to change the subject (opinion)

Trump wants Americans to look at the anti-racism protesters tearing down statues of Confederate generals.

How #NeverTrumpers can live up to their name (opinion)

During Trump’s presidential bid in 2016, Mitt Romney made a huge splash by delivering a.

A European ban on US travelers would send a humbling message

If the US fails to meet the criteria being considered by the European Commission, member.

Joe Biden frightens Donald Trump (opinion)

It was almost an afterthought in the middle of a nearly two-hour speech and improv.

A clear sign of William Barr’s scandalous abuse of power

Zelinsky, one of the career prosecutors who charged and tried Roger Stone, confirmed what already.

What if Trump rejects the election result? (Opinion)

Remember, this is the President who, even after the Electoral College put him in the.

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Things swiftly became less amazing on Tuesday this week, when the world number one announced.

Covid-19 is increasing at warp speed in the US (Opinion)

Some states however have not seen any increase. For the most part, these are places.

Trump is not ‘kidding,’ he’s lying (Opinion)

On the White House lawn, Trump clarified one of the most outrageous statements from Saturday’s.