Police jail woman who paid bail with marijuana-scented cash

A Louisiana woman was arrested on drug charges after police determined the $5,000 cash she.

Authorities: Virginia farmer holds goat thief at gunpoint

A sheriff’s office in Virginia says a property owner held a suspect accused of stealing.

‘Perfume cloud’ helps German police sniff out drunk driver

German police say they nabbed a drunk driver who tried to flee a traffic stop.

Puppy in crime: Deputies take man, dog into custody in theft

A Florida man and his furry “accomplice” were taken into custody by authorities who said.

Michigan town ‘stinks;’ Council buys marijuana odor device

Is that a skunk? No, it’s marijuana January 9, 2020, 6:34 PM 2 min read.

Las Vegas firefighters discover illegal gas station at home

Las Vegas firefighters have discovered what officials describe as an illegal, homemade gas station in.

Police: Psychic said girl was possessed, scammed mom of $70K

Police say a Massachusetts woman claiming to be a psychic stole more than $70,000 from.

German swingers’ club evacuated after carbon monoxide alarm

Authorities say a swingers’ club in western Germany had to be evacuated mid-party after a.

‘Wizard Rock’ that disappeared from Arizona forest returns

A boulder that mysteriously disappeared two weeks ago from a national forest in Arizona is.

Man surrenders after authorities edit photo to add costume

All it took for one fugitive in Illinois to turn himself in was a little.